Parv CheenaTeaching with a mix of fun, discipline, and attention to craft, Amy made improv a lot less scary and more of an art. As a director, she focused our own written work with a collaborative hand, allowing us to find the script and “funny.” Knowing that she comes from a theatre background, helped our styles and genres focus in improv and never made it feel like a lazy man’s game but more like a new art. Amy teaches from the heart and genuinely cares about her students. She has remained a friend and still a constant teacher.

– Parvesh Cheena, actor, improviser, Outsourced, Brothers & Sisters, national commercials


Mike BrummAmy Seeley. Amy Seeley. Amy Seeley. I want to make sure you’ve got that name in your head, because if you’re reading this website you’re probably thinking about hiring an improv teacher and you should not pass up Amy. She’s very talented, very funny, very patient, and she won’t make fun of you if you mess up. She’s a quality egg.

– Michael Brumm, Emmy-winning writer, The Colbert Report


Derek WatersNot only did Amy Seeley teach me that comedy is funny, but she also taught me that I’m not always funny. You have to work on being funny. Through her teaching I learned how to work with others on stage, and also how to love others on stage. She also gives great hugs… not to brag… she’s hugged me.

– Derek Waters, creator & performer, HBO’s Drunk History


Jen SmedleyAny actor or improviser struggling to find their own voice or confidence as a performer would benefit from Amy’s teaching. Whether you are aware of your gifts or not, Amy can find them and will surely guide you in strengthening and honing them. She is equally supportive and ass-kicking, and you WILL improve. Amy is a magical blend of know-how and patience so performers at any level of experience can feel safe but challenged.

– Jennifer Smedley, actor, improviser


John MarshallI spent three years soaking up knowledge and inspiration from Amy Seeley at her weekly improv jam – and what I learned from her I still use in stand-up and TV writing. She always made you feel safe, which meant you were free to take the biggest risks. She’ll help you find your voice and trust it. I envy anyone who’s taking a class with her.

– John Marshall, Emmy-nominated writer, The Chris Rock Show, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, The Electric Company


Kris LezetcYou can’t teach people how to be funny but you can teach them to tap into honesty. Amy’s teaching style is direct and smart. Honest without being condescending. She’s articulate when you are vague. She has a warm approach and is patient on your journey to the next level. If you study with her, that’s exactly where you’re going.

– Kris Lezetc, actor, stand-up comedienne


Stephen JamesAmy has the ability the push students without pushing them over the edge. She creates an environment where a student can take the stage time and time again until it feels like it is where they belong. She was essential in taking me from baby improviser to someone who is on stage two to three times a week and knows how to communicate with an audience.

– Stephen C. James, actor, improviser, host of The Sunday Social, 1/2 of the improv team Nerdvana


Chelsea ColemanAmy Seeley is pure sunshine and sincerity. Words fall short expressing the gratitude I have for, the wisdom I have gained from, and the unceasing humor and love I feel from Ms. Amy Seeley.

– Chelsea Coleman, actor, improviser, photographer


Chris ComptonAmy Seeley is a natural born teacher. Sure, she’s hysterically funny, a brilliant writer, and an incredible performer, but she’s also able to make students realize that they can be all those things too. Amy taught me that smart + truth = funny, and there’s not a day that goes by when I don’t find myself using something I learned from her in my own work.

– Chris Compton, actor, improviser, 1/2 of the improv team Nerdvana


Amanda Winn LeeAmy Seeley is an excellent improv mentor. Her ability to break a scene down to its bare bones is essential in understanding what can otherwise be a nebulous and overwhelming craft. Her critiques are straightforward and easy to comprehend, and her loving support makes an actor feel safe enough to take larger risks than they might somewhere else. Working with her was an experience I will always treasure. That, plus she has a really fine ass.

– Amanda Winn Lee, writer, director, anime voice actor


Rick KentAmy Seeley is an amazing teacher. She will change the way you look at the world. If you are serious about becoming an improviser, you must take her class!

– Rick Kent, actor, improviser


Justin WorshamOut of my 10 years of improv experience I have never met an instructor that cares more about her student’s success than Amy Seeley. She provides tools for her students, not opinions on how she thinks it should be done.

– Justin Worsham, stand-up comedian, Showtime’s Comics Without Borders, co-host Dads Are More Fun podcast


Hal LublinAmy is smart, funny and has the ability to develop the talents of others by creating an environment where every idea is encouraged and explored. I would not be the performer or writer I am without Amy Seeley’s guidance and support.

– Hal Lublin, voice-over actor, writer, improviser


Kate HahnAmy is a positive, upbeat, energetic teacher. She stresses listening to your scene partner and giving your character a distinct point of view right from the top of the scene.

– Kate Hahn, freelance writer, TV Guide magazine, McSweeneys.net


Tammie Smalls

Amy was my first Improv teacher. Thank God! She has a tremendous degree of respect and insight for the myriad of feelings and emotions that an actor brings into their first Improv class. Amy encourages both the beginner and the experienced actor to step safely into the discovery of what you never knew you were capable. She has the most wonderful, supportive way of helping you build upon your choices to make them better, smarter and purposeful. Amy is present in every moment. She’s committed to making your experience an opportunity for growth in character development, scene partner support and saying YES! She values your unique qualities and helps you to see that every single bit of who you are is the most wonderful thing you could ever bring to the experience of learning and performing Improv. Amy brings all of her joy and spirit to teaching Improv and I am a grateful for having been her student!

– Tammie Smalls, actor, improviser, Emmy-nominated producer for Penn & Teller’s Bullsh*t!

Amy Seeley | Comedy Writing & Improv Teacher, Coach, Director, Writer