Amy Seeley | Comedy Writing & Improv Teacher


You’ve got the urge to get creative. You’re ready to try something new and a little bit dangerous. You’re ready to take a risk. You’re ready to tap into your inner strengths and define your voice. You’re ready to feel sure and strong. You’re ready to be fearless. You’re ready to play smarter than you’ve ever played before. You want to break through all of that congestion in your head and get to your most creative self. And you can explore all of this while laughing your butt off.

It starts right here.

Through the study of improvisation, AMY SEELEY can help you:


  • Break through creative barriers
  • Gain confidence
  • Subtract fear from your creative process


  • Define your goals
  • Sharpen your acting tools
  • Be a better actor, writer and communicator


  • Focus your strengths
  • Improve your sense of self
  • Get your butt off of the back wall and into the action

Amy Seeley | Comedy Writing & Improv Teacher, Coach, Director, Writer